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Class 84’, His passion for mixology comes from his 10 years of experience as a professional chef, and he fuses his knowledge of ingredients and flavours to create cocktails that perfectly balance texture and taste, with drinks that draw on interesting and unexpected elements and infused aromas which create a journey for the senses without going far from the minimalism that he likes. His approach to the bar as a “liquid kitchen” and never forgetting the classic cocktails the one for which you Need to have Knoledge of techniques and ingredients.
One for appreciating a good classic done right, Dom’s personal favourite cocktail uses his two favourite staples: vermouth and sherry. Deliciously simple, his perfect Adonis is equal parts of Manchino Bianco vermouth and Gonzales byass el rocio Manzanilla sherry with few drops of bitter and lemon zest.

Hailing from the coastal Basilicata in Italy, known for its exceptional regional cuisine, Dom has a love for discovering new flavours. His innate curiosity led him to travel the world, landing him positions at renowned bars including DRY Milan, founded by the Michelin-acclaimed Andrea Berton, and BOKAN in London’s Canary Wharf. Prior to moving to Hong Kong where he was the group bar manager for one of the most sexy F&B group, Pirata Group ,Dom lived in Shanghai where he was nominated for That’s Shanghai’s bartender of the year 2015 while running the programme at Michelin-starred 8 1⁄2 Otto e mezzo Bombana and other Michelin stars chef.



Concept Development

Carefully selected glassware for your tailored menu, comprising of contemporary and classic drinking vessels, a wide selection of spirits and liquors, themed beverage menus using fresh seasonal and local ingredients, reflecting the design, ambience and location of each individual outlet.

Equipment Supply

Running a successful and efficient Bar, one need to be situated at hands reach to the main utensils , equipment and base products, therefore I prefer to be in on the design of the Bar from start matching sure that all mentioned are strategically placed to ensure a smooth operation with out time wasting. Through my contacts I can help supply and source the necessary equipments required.

Coffe & Tea Culture

Barista customer interaction, techniques to extract the “perfect espresso shot”, how to sell mainly espresso based drinks “Secrets” of espresso marketing, perfect milk frothing techniques for the right texture and taste, hands on training-preparing all the menu drinks-hot and iced, hands on training for smoothes and mochaccinos, frappeccino, advice you on all the right equipment.

Opening Support

Preparation of teams and outlets from start of project to operational status for soft opening, with rigorous simulations, all aiming to reach delivery to date by providing the necessary tools to develop a uniformed, well propped and confident team

Spirits and cigars advice

I can also advice on and arrange for a wide range of speciality spirits, rare and premium, from all over the world, (local regulations permitted), Cigars, humidification, storage, preparation and service along with menu design.

Professional Training

I offer a close up teacher-student interaction with hands on coaching and regular examination and appraisals to inspire maximum confidence and individuality of your staff, building a platform of knowledge and equalization.

Personalised cocktails training, trendy beverage programs, bar design.

From idea and concept to opening support, delivering a tailored program of training, menus, bar ethics and customer satisfaction. Suppling cutting edge equipment and barware, coffee and wine solutions.

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